-You must be 19 years of age to play Keno. ID may be requested. Underage players may be subject to criminal prosecution.

-State regulation requires that the time between each game be a minimum of 5 minutes.

-You may play as many tickets as you want. However, if you have multiple tickets, we ask that you get to the Keno Station early so you donft get closed out of a game.

-Fill out your tickets prior to reaching the Keno Station. Verbal tickets slow the game and increase errors.

-Check your tickets prior to leaving the Keno Station. It is the players responsibility to make sure their computer generated ticket has been issued correctly.

-All Keno winners are paid based on the computer generated ticket only!

-Winning tickets played for 1 game are should be cashed before the next game is played.

-Winning tickets played for 2-20 games should be cashed within 24 hours of the last game played.

-Winning tickets of $10,000 and over require City approval which may take up to three business days.

-The total payout for each game cannot exceed $50,000. In the case of multiple winners totaling over $50,000, payouts will be prorated.

-There is a $100 max bet per game on each ticket. Multirace tickets can be for more than $100 as long as one game does not exceed $100.

-Neither the city of Bellevue, nor the State of Nebraska have any responsibility whatsoever to pay prizes which are solely the responsibility of Keno Casino.

-By playing the game you accept all rules of play. Rules of play include Keno rules printed in this pay book and all other published rules.


IRS requires a W-2G Form to be filed on all net keno winnings of $1500 or more. For winnings of $1500 or more, 10% is the maximum that can be paid out in cash. The rest will be paid by check. You will be required to present two forms of identification. Proof of social security number must be presented. All nonresident aliens will be subject to a 30% tax on winnings in the excess of $1500, which will be held at time of payment.

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