Basic Keno Terminology

Bet Slip: The green & white slip of paper you can find in our keno caddy’s. Players mark their numbers on this using our crayons then present it to the keno writer.

Ticket: Computer generated receipt stating the wager you made. This makes your bet official!

Pay Book: The book that contains Rules of Keno, different games, payouts and wagers.

Payout: The amount of money you can win depending on the game played, amount wagered and how many of your numbers match those selected.

Minimum Wager
: Minimum dollar amount players can bet on a game. Example: Regular Keno has a $1 minimum wager while the Best Bet Keno has a $1.35 minimum wager.

Quick Pick: When you can’t decide what numbers to choose, just tell the keno writer you want the computer to do it for you!

Way Ticket: A method of playing several wagers on a single keno ticket. “Way” refers to the number of ways you can win on one ticket. Each “way” is a separate bet.

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